We’re Hiring

WE’RE HIRING. We love who we work with, we love our clients and we LOVE what we do! Whether we are cleaning tile & grout in a home or a beautiful Persian rug in our shop, we find this professional cleaning work to be very rewarding and each job is important to us....

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Your Spring Cleaning Game Plan

Approach the starting line. Are you ready to dive in and get some cleaning done in those neglected areas of your home or office? If so, then let us help you get your game face on! First things first, set REALISTIC goals going in. You may not be able to deep clean your...

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Rug Protector – 3 Reasons You Need It

Protector does work and we certainly recommend it for new rug purchases as well as after each professional cleaning. 3 Reasons Protector Works: suspends liquid spills for up to 18 minutes for easy clean up, helps with dusting and vacuuming results as well as with...

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POOLING – A Natural Phenomenon written by Lynn Tall, Rug Advocate® The term “POOLING” refers to the natural phenomenon of permanently altered patches of carpet or area rug that form in the shape of a puddle. These areas appear discolored because the fibers have become...

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Watch this cushion come back to life!

Watch this cushion come back to life after a poor kitty got sick on it.   DO NOT attempt to clean at home with harsh over-the-counter spotters. Call us first! 602.350.4083 www.rugworx.com Rug Worx® Scott and Miranda Gwilliam3050 S. Country Club Drive, Suite...

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Rug Worx Anniversary

RUG WORX CELEBRATES 3 YEARS!   As we approach this month's end we reflect on just how far we've come. Scott Gwilliam was the Valley's "carpet guru" for 15 years before he pulled the trigger on our RUG ADVENTURE. After 2 years of pure rug education and traveling...

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THE MOST COMMON CALLS WE GET FOR RUG & CARPET CLEANING ARE ABOUT PETS Pet Urine Carpet and Rugs are designed to be walked on, not peed on! Color loss can result from the urine itself OR from at-home spotting attempts. Using over-the-counter cleaners only treats...

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Let’s Talk About SHAG Baby!

Let's talk about SHAG baby! Did you know that shag rugs are amongst the most difficult rugs to dust AND wash? Did you know that some shag rugs cannot even be vacuumed? What's hiding in YOUR shag rug? Whether it is a hand knotted wool Flokati from Greece or a synthetic...

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Spring Cleaning Forget-me-nots

  Are you getting geared up for Spring Cleaning around your house? DON'T FORGET about these important tips... RUGS! Take them outside for a proper dusting OR use your leaf blower to air dust them. When you bring them back inside, be sure to ROTATE them in a different...

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Rug Education

INTERMEDIATE RUG EDUCATION FOR DESIGNERS & TRADE PROFESSIONALS Are you a designer, work in a showroom that sells rugs or work within the design trade? Do you want to further your knowledge regarding area rugs so you can educate your clients AND make better rug buying...

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Woolsafe News

  Miranda Gwilliam was recently a featured contributor in the WoolSafe News. We are pleased to announce that Miranda Gwilliam, Operations and Business Development Manager at Rug Worx® was recently asked to contribute to the winter edition of the Woolsafe News. This...

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Mikeys Fest

  RUG WORX + THE NATION'S MOST TALENTED CLEANERS JOINED TOGETHER LAST WEEK TO GIVE BACK TO THE PHOENIX COMMUNITY! Scott Gwilliam, Owner of Rug Worx® was thrilled to be a part of Mikey's Fest this year (an Annual charity event for cleaners). He donated his time, staff...

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Open House


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Floods and Your Rugs

FLOOD FACTOR. Whether the cause is a clogged toilet or a rainstorm, floods in the home or office are common and can be devastating to your flooring and area rugs. Carpet Tech Services + Rug Worx is NOT a restoration company, but feel free to call Scott directly on his...

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What you need to know BEFORE you buy a rug.

SO MANY RUGS TO CHOOSE FROM...WHERE DO I START???   Not to worry, we are here to help! Regardless of your personal design style, let's break it down into 2 IMPORTANT FACTORS you need to know before you make a purchase: #1 FIBER TYPE & #2 CONSTRUCTION TYPE...

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What is the best way to vacuum my rug?

WHAT IS THE BEST WAY TO VACUUM MY RUG? You don't need a fancy expensive vacuum to use on your area rugs, but you should know that some vacuums may be too powerful for delicate rugs and fibers. Here is a wonderful article by the RUG CHICK- Lisa Wagner on which vacuums...

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How can I protect my rugs against bugs?

BUGS + RUGS = BAD NEWS! Moths, carpet beetles and other bugs love to feed on rug fibers like wool and other contaminants that may be holding on to rug fibers. Believe it or not, rugs that are kept in storage are the most susceptible to moth/bug damage. Bugs like to...

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Can I use bleach to clean my rug fringes?

Bleach is for cleaning toilets, not your rug fringe Fringe cleaning is like an art form that we take very seriously. It is not uncommon for us to spend more than one cleaning process on fringe by hand plus extra grooming steps at the very end. The most common type of...

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