Your Spring Cleaning Game Plan

Apr 22, 2019

Approach the starting line.

Are you ready to dive in and get some cleaning done in those neglected areas of your home or office? If so, then let us help you get your game face on! First things first, set REALISTIC goals going in. You may not be able to deep clean your entire house in one weekend, so start with a game plan that consists on focused areas. You can go room-by-room or concentrate on one project area at a time.

 What about RUGS?

Vacuums were specifically designed for wall-to-wall carpet and unfortunately don’t work well on most area rugs (especially SHAGS). Take your rugs outside to shake them out, dust them, and check for MOTH activity. If you have a leaf blower, you can air dust each side of the rug for best results.


Vacuum underneath furniture that often gets neglected. This is where the moths tend to hide as well as dust bunnies that affect our allergies and asthma.

Ask for help! Turn up the music and invite family and friends to help. The process will go faster if you have a whole team along your side. You may even have some fun while you’re cleaning.

When to bring in the PROs? Is there something you don’t enjoy cleaning, have been dreading or are flat out UNABLE to clean by yourself? You may want to consider hiring a house cleaner to help with areas you dislike or have been avoiding. Bring in the heavy hitters to professionally clean surfaces like carpet, tile, rugs, upholstery, drapes, pressure washing outside or even window washing. Feel free to call us with questions and if it is a service we do not offer, we may have a referral for you.

Some small things that make a BIG difference: Change out the filter in your A/C and vacuum cleaner. Clean out the vacuum canister or replace the bag if you have one. Pull out the large appliances such as stove and fridge to vacuum underneath those as well.

Want to take your Spring Cleaning to the next level? Consider cleaning THESE out…

  • Photos on your computer
  • Emails on your phone
  • FaceBook friends
  • Your Car
  • Garage or Shed
  • Files/Papers in your office
  • What about your back yard? Get ready for pool season and be sure to check your pool pump/filters also.

Remember to have FUN with it and think of us along the way ???? The best thing about Spring Cleaning is that you get INSTANT results!


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