Benefits of Protector

  • Individually coats each fiber through the use of nanotechnology, shielding it against dry soils and liquids
  • Suspends liquid spills momentarily for easy clean up (so it doesn’t submerge down into the fibers immediately)
  • Helps with dusting and vacuuming results because the protector has coated the fibers on a molecular level so dirt can’t get as embedded.
  • You get better cleaning results with future professional cleanings, and we have a better chance of removing difficult stains including pet spots (if they haven’t been tampered with).
  • You may be able to go longer in between professional cleanings (for all reasons stated above).
  • All Fiber Protector products come with a built-in UV protection to help avoid sun fading.
  • This IS the best way to PROTECT YOUR INVESTMENT.
  • This is the ONLY way to protect natural fibers such as wool and delicate fibers such as viscose/rayon, silk, linen, chenille, jute sisal, etc.
  • Fiber Protector is chemically inert once dry, which makes it SAFE for humans/pets
  • Fiber Protector creates a bacteriostatic environment which prevents the spread of bacteria, mold, and fungus.
  • Improves air quality since your textiles will no longer attract dirt, dust, allergens, mold, bacteria, and mildew.

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