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Are you a carpet cleaning or restoration company?

If so, we have discounted VENDOR pricing especially for you. Most vendors come to us for rug cleaning services, but we are so much more than that. Ask about our custom cut rug pad, monthly storage plans, Fiber Protector, moth protector, and rug wrapping. We like to take on the tricky cases of rugs that been damaged in a flood, fire or from pet damage. Although we want to save every area rug from the landfills, there are cases of severe damage where we may recommend replacement. After the rug has been inspected in person, we will offer you our honest opinion and discuss options. Please make sure you set realistic expectations with your clients regarding the end result. We typically need the rug for 2 weeks, so plan around that when quoting a turnaround time with your client.

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Schedule a tour of our facility or a meeting with Scott & Miranda Gwilliam so we can build a strong working relationship that works with you and your staff that will be dropping rugs off. If you have large rugs, heavily soiled rugs or wet rugs, please pull up to the back of our Suite when you arrive. If you are bringing us WET or damp rugs that have been involved in a flood, please call or text (602) 350-4083 ahead to give us a heads up! We will make room and dry them out properly in attempts to minimize damage that could occur from color bleeding, mold/mildew, odors, and permanent fiber damage or pile distortion.

Wholesale Pricing

Discounted Vendor rates on in-plant area rug cleaning at Rug Worx are available and are adjusted accordingly for things such as pet urine, shag, Viscose/Rayon, fringe, pre-existing dye bleed, etc. Antique pieces, Navajo rugs, sheepskin, cowhide, needlepoints, wall hanger tapestries and real silk pieces may fall under “Specialty Rug Prices”. If you need a price estimate while you are on a jobsite, please TEXT us pictures and exact measurements of each rug (in inches). Let us know details and reason for cleaning such as pet damage, moth damage, flood or fire. We will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can with a ballpark quote. We can provide you with an exact price quote after in-person inspection of the rugs. Please make sure you are charging accordingly on your end including your time/labor for rug pick-up, dry out, return delivery and furniture moving if incurred. Contact us any time for suggestions on pricing or help with insurance agents. We understand that Xactimate is not all that accurate when it comes to pricing restoration rugs. We are more than happy to answer questions from your insurance adjusters regarding Nationwide rates and standards for flooded rugs or how are cleaning rates differ from on-site surface cleaning methods.


Good communication with your customer goes a long way! Choose up front if you will disclose to them that you will be bringing us their rug or not. That is totally up to you. Set realistic expectations on the end result and how long they will be without it. Provide them with a quote when you have it figured out and include things like furniture moving, storage, dry out (if wet) and pick-up/delivery. If they have technical rug questions that your staff is unsure of, its okay to tell them you will get back to them with those answers. If you are a carpet cleaner and the rugs are too oversized for you to transport, we may be able to assist with pick-up and delivery OR the client may want to hire professional movers. To prevent rug damage, do not fold rugs. Roll carefully and not too tight. If rugs are damp or wet and you will drying them out yourselves, be sure to speed dry and lay flat in order to prevent creasing. If you are worried about dye bleed or crocking, roll the rug up with a cloth or tarp on top of it so color doesn’t transfer to other areas of the rug. Feel free to call us anytime!



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