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We want to see these REAL RUGS find homes and stay out of the landfills…

We are on a mission to save REAL RUGS from the landfills…

Scott Gwilliam’s Love for “Real Rugs” – Rescued and Revived

Hello, fellow rug enthusiasts and admirers of true craftsmanship! I’m Scott Gwilliam, the proud owner of Rug Worx, and I want to share my passion for “real rugs” with you all. What are “real rugs,” you ask? To me, they are the exquisite hand-knotted wool treasures that exude artistry, history, and a story that spans generations.

As a rug aficionado, or RUG NERD as most call me, I’ve always been captivated by the intricate beauty and rich heritage of hand-knotted rugs. These masterpieces hold a special place in my heart, and my love for them led me on a mission that has become close to my heart – saving and sharing these “Rescue Rugs.” I love them all, especially the Navajo, Persian and Turkish rugs.

The Journey of Rescue Rugs – From Landfills to my Little Rug Shop

You see, many old wool rugs are discarded because they look dirty or their traditional styles become outdated. I couldn’t bear the thought of these hand-knotted wonders ending up in landfills, forgotten and unappreciated. I started saving old rugs and bringing them back to my shop to work on and clean. The pile of rugs grew and then it turned in to a personal quest to seek out these hidden gems, ones that might have been overlooked or underappreciated by others. I found many rugs that were DIRTY and some were even damaged. I strongly feel that purchasing clean, used rugs is a great sustainable purchase and will keep these real rugs relevant. Real rugs will last for decades while many new manufactured and even hand-made rugs may have a short life of just a few years.

With great care and discernment, I handpicked each “Rescue Rug” that we now have for sale on our SHOP page. Some of these rugs are newer acquisitions that didn’t require cleaning, while most needed a lot of love and attention to restore. Since I can’t possibly fit all of these rugs in my 2,000 square foot house, they are now available to you to re-home.


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